What do you want to create? As I’m filling more slots in my voice studio, I want to put this question out there to those who are seriously considering voice lessons.

A singer is a communicator, and connects with other human beings. Before you flip through songbooks and YouTube for songs that would be fun to put in your recital or stage performance, take a step back and ask yourself: What do I want to create for my audience? What do I want to communicate?

Here’s a wonderful blog post that takes a radical and much-needed approach to designing vocal performances: A vocal performance should not just be a portfolio of “what I did with my teacher this year” but a journey, a statement, a bridge for connection with people. Read this post and see if you agree.

The Sybaritic Singer

Expect more of your spectator and challenge yourself to say something, not just sing anything.

All performance is theatre; audiences perceive concert going experiences not only through their ears but with the rest of themselves as well. As singers, we know that there are many elements to consider when putting together a recital program but sometimes we get so wound up in challenging ourselves as singers that we fail to challenge our audiences.

We work hard to be able to demonstrate mastery over certain aspects of our craft and I don’t think it’s a sin to want to show what one is capable of. However, it saddens me when I see a performer on stage doing exactly that, and nothing else. At the conclusion of an effective recital the audience will leave the hall talking animatedly about what they’ve just experienced; a conversation cannot go on for very long if…

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