Don’t give chance all the credit.

Remember the young voice student I wrote about a few weeks ago who came up short at state competitions this year?

Guess what: Since then, he has successfully passed an audition to become one of the vocal interns of the Rackham Symphony Choir next year!

This is an awesome program for high school students in Metro Detroit who want to study music in college and develop further as singers. What’s great about it is that they get FREE membership in the choir and a deep discount on voice lessons, so it’s especially good for young people with gobs of talent but few resources. I’ve seen interns come out of the program and get accepted into schools like Interlochen, Eastman, New England Conservatory, Cincinnati Conservatory, and on and on. And they do everything from opera to musical theater. They are AWESOME kids.

And now I’m proud to say that one of my students got into the program. Allz I gotta say is, this time next year, watch out for a red-headed, high-octane tenor coming out of Detroit!

He told me that on the day of his audition, he had a discouraging practice at home.  But then he goes to the audition and, in spite of himself, put on the best performance of Shenandoah ever. He shook his head in this “go figure” sort of way.

I countered him: “Don’t give chance all the credit.”

Singers, take note: Whenever you say, “I don’t know how the hell I did that,” or “I got lucky,” or “I dunno, the opera gods must have smiled on me,”


It wasn’t the opera gods singing up there. It was you. If you’re the kind of singer who takes all the blame for the bad and none of the praise for the good…knock it off. Same thing if you take all the praise for the good and none of the blame for the bad…knock that sh*&^ off too. In fact, throw praise and blame out on the curb completely and simply own the experience. It’s yours, and you were brave enough to have it. That is victory.

And beyond victory, well…like Iron Man says, “there’s only the next mission.”

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2 thoughts on “Don’t give chance all the credit.

  1. Georgeanne says:

    Love this! Part of the lifelong process of being a singer is realizing the power inherent in all of us. I think the whole concept of auditioning makes us feel like SO MUCH is out of our hands (and, indeed, it is), but there is so much power WE hold, too!

    Thanks for the all-too-necessary reminder!

  2. Thank you! Yes, auditions can make you feel like you have no control. But I think the singers who go in there ready to own the experience and be in control (in spite of everything going on) have a better chance at success than others. And directors can see that.

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