Just a short post today…

…since I’m going to be on my way to Jackson this afternoon for a private evening show at the Countryside Care Center, where my dear father-in-law lives. He’s ailing with Parkinson’s and NEVER heard me do anything musical, so I decided to kick off my newest project, Amy’s Travelling Piano Bar, just for him and his fellow residents. The idea is to get all glammed-up and play some smooth, swingin’ crooner tunes from the 30’s, 40’s and a little beyond for people who grew up listening to Frank Sinatra, Doris Day, and their ilk. I’m really excited and I promise to have the full scoop on how it goes when I get back.

Until then, let me announce my upcoming appearance at the Coventry Creations 20th Anniversary Party, on August 25 right here in Ferndale. Jacki and Patty, the masterminds behind Coventry, boldly represented SoundSorceress Studio for Torch This! back in March, and I look forward to the opportunity to share some more music with them with live performance AND karaoke! Watch out!

So, ciao for now, and stay tuned!

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