Happy 1st Blogiversary

Lordy! We made it!












Yep, here we are, a year after “to heck with it!” and a year into “now that’s what I’m talking about!” with SoundSorceress Studio and I figure the best gift I can give myself at this time is no regrets.

That, and a VACATION! (as of tomorrow)

Actually, there’s another gift: my community of friends, family, readers, subscribers, students, colleagues and cheerleaders who have given me more love and support than I ever expected, and at the head of the pack is my dear husband who never flinched at the prospect of me pursuing my dreams. I love you more than anything in this world, Sweetie.

I’m at a loss for what to say at this point. Out of the deep well of thankfulness, the first thing that makes sense to say is we gotta keep the magic going. In the studio, on the web, out on stage, and everywhere else that the magic cares to go. And that means don’t hoard it, don’t hide it away or ration it out. Let it flow. Get out of its way. It doesn’t need to be started up; that happened with the Big Bang, and that energy was plenty to get the whole machine in motion. All I have to do is keep saying yes to it.

Yes!… I just reminded myself of something. Say “yes” to ALL of it. The good, bad, and ugly. Which means that my guiding source of inspiration for my second fiscal year of being in business is…now, don’t be too quick to judge…the Whore of Babylon.

Ok, now that your brain has “went there” and back, let me elaborate: Babylon is the ultimate YES to passion, energy, purpose, creation, and all the possible consequences of all of these. The power of that YES mitigates any feelings of regret and second-guessing…it puts me in the driver’s seat of responsibility even on the roughest roads. I tell myself, “You said yes to this,” whenever I think I’m disempowered, and the illusion of being  helpless falls away. I’m back in power.

You can see where such an image would make sense in the business of making music and opening your voice up to sing. The most important thing that has come out of my teaching in the past year is this: You gotta say “yes” to your voice, or that “NO” which is already always there will convince you of that lie that you aren’t good enough (or whatever it is you’ve told yourself).

So now we get to choose our “YES,” and I choose….VACATION!

See you next week!

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