VoiceLab on the Road!

This Wednesday’s VoiceLab will be held at Lozier Music in Rochester Hills! Lozier is a lesson studio that specializes in Simply Music, a piano method that I’ve shared about before when I started up piano lessons last spring. They also offer some guitar and percussion, and there is virtually no age limit for students; musical immersion can begin as early as infancy. It was Carrie Lozier who put me in touch with my teacher Roberta, and I’m thrilled to have the chance to strengthen the alliance even more by sharing some vocal instruction in her studio.

We’ll get to use the big lounge with the acoustic piano and spread out a little wider so we can do some more involved vocal exercises. We can also bring treats, but Carrie advises against bringing nuts (especially peanuts), fruit, and anything too gooey that might get trampled in carpet.

So if you’re working on a song or two, or just want to get some experience singing in front of an audience, come out to 2118 Auburn Rd. in Rochester Hills this Wednesday night (8/22) at 7:30. Bring your music, your accompanist if you have one, and your love of singing, and hang out and sing with us!

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