Happy Holidays from the GM Choir

Wow, what a season!

I can’t say enough how proud I am of my singers in the GM Chorus for elevating their performance this year. They have become the best-sounding un-auditioned adult choir I know of. And just so you can get a taste of it, here’s a link to a YouTube playlist: the GM Chorus Finale Performance at the Birmingham Masonic Temple in Bloomfield Hills.

This performance came at the end of a long, adventurous season spanning three weekends in December, filled with riser-hauling, cookie-munching fun. The Masonic Temple where we sang is the current home of Bloomfield Center, a new Unity Church setting down roots in Oakland County, and it was this church that hosted us so warmly and put us in contact with a whole new audience. We are really grateful to them for having us.

Right now, it’s robe-and-slippers time, but before too long, the chorus will roll out the spring 2013 season, and we hope to venture even further outside of our Macomb county homestead to expand our listenership. We’re making inroads already, and our concert schedule is starting to fill up. Anyone who has a church or other venue around the Detroit area wanting to book us for a concert this April can email us here: info@gmchorus.com.

To you and yours, Happy Holidays from the GM Chorus and the SoundSorceress!

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