The Power of a Lie

A lie is an act of creation.

When you tell a lie, to yourself or to someone else – or to the universe – you’re creating something. You’re creating a reality with your words.

It may not match physical reality, or be something that other people can perceive, but it’s a creation nonetheless. And some of us go to great lengths to have their lies become physical reality, perceptible to everyone around them. This too is a power of creation.

Some people say that everything is a lie – that ALL of this is invented, and none of it is real. There is no reality; it’s all just a perception of the mind. If that’s the case, then we live in an infinite field of creation and possibility. Nothing is a given. Nothing is absolute. We get to stand inside this vast arena and create.

And if you can create with that much freedom and power, what would you say? What would you choose to do?

Does it feel like we’ve gone off the edge of the map here? That’s because we have. We’ve dropped off the map of what we know life to be, and dropped into a playing field with no boundaries, no markers and no goals.

I have a little niece who loves to dress up as a fairy princess. She has a magic wand, and she says that it can make wishes come true.

My husband says, “Great! I can have her wave it over my case files.” He plays her game because that’s where the magic becomes real.

The game of life is infinitely bigger, and more terrifying. But we can still play pretend. We do it all the time anyway: We pretend that we can’t do this or that, or we’re too old or young or fat or damaged or whatever, to do the things that truly inspire us.

We’re already in the game, but we don’t realize that we’re the ones making the rules and putting ourselves in the penalty box.

If you TRULY feel that you are “too this or that,” or “not good enough,” or whatever – if that is the TRUTH for you and you’re sick of it, it’s time to start telling lies. It’s time to start creating something else, even if it’s total fantasy, just playing pretend. Even if you don’t believe it for a minute. Even if no one else seems to believe it.

Then create the playing field in life where that lie becomes a game, and as you condition yourself for that game and start playing it, your creation will become real.

Play that game till you become the champion of it, and as you stand there with your trophy you’ll wonder if all those self-defeating things you said before were the real lies.

Were they? Who cares! You’ve moved beyond truth and lies into creation and action. Now all you have to worry about is, “What do I want to do today?”

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